August 4, 2015

A Note to Myself on the Day After I Turned 28

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Dear self,

You turned 28 years old yesterday. The celebration was truly sweet.

Literally until this year your birthday has been a big production. Lots of shouting it is your birthday, celebrating for weeks, lots of cakes, multiple parties and while I do love that stuff (give me any reason to celebrate something) this year you kept quiet.

You didn't really speak about your birthday.

For some reason it was different this year.

Maybe having a baby? Maybe all the stress of moving? Maybe all the excitement of the unknown in our new town? Maybe growing older? Regardless the change was sweet.

A great day that wasn't too out of the ordinary but some indulgence was included.

You made 28 years and there is a lot to show but thank goodness that growth is waiting on me too.

But you are here and that deserves celebrating.

It was a treat to wake up to your family. Your family that loves you unconditionally. Rejoice in that.

It was a treat to see your baby happy and healthy. A baby that loves you and never knows where you fail as a mother. A baby that makes your heart skip a beat.

It was a treat to spend the night surrounded by family. It was a treat to sit around the dinner table and laugh with friends. It was a treat to stuff myself silly of mahi mahi and shaved brussel sprouts.

But the biggest blessing were all the words of kindness. People expressing their affection for you. Take that in. Don't turn it away or deflect it. Revel in it. Be encouraged by it. Go back and read those words days and weeks from now. But more importantly, pour that back into those people. Show them the same love and kindness. They deserve it. You deserve it.

Happy 28th birthday gal!

Now go finish that last piece of banana split ice cream cake :)

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