July 31, 2015

Surprise: Here We Go Again

To all those hoping I was pregnant again, sorry to burst that bubble but no I am not. But alas, we are MOVING! For the last time. Again!

Yeah, we are those crazy people with gypsy souls (apparently) who redo their entire kitchen just to move.

When we started the demo process we had no intention of moving. Like at all. I even joked with R that the second we finished he would move me. And now apparently my jokes are magical and foreshadowing.

So where are we going?

Yep. Back to Northwest Arkansas.

The land of pretty views, good eats, Razorback football and lots of welcoming friends.

Yes, it is quick and not really planned but the opportunity presented itself and after much thought, prayer, head banging R accepted a new job.

What does that mean for our little family?

We have a house to sell! I never saw us selling this house. I pictured life in it. But it is a home that has been good to us and now we need to pass that on to someone else. So yes, our dream home is for sale. And I hope to share the link to see more of it soon. I am currently tackling those photos plus a good deep clean of our pad.

The best news? I am really going for it this time and not packing a box. We were gifted a moving company as part of the incentive to get us up there. We have had that option before but even with them loading the boxes and furniture, I normally pack every. single. box. And this time I am not. Not one box. I know, rebel in disguise.

Guys, we need your positive thoughts, good juju and abundant prayers to get our home sold. This move isn't the easiest for me (I love you mom.) but I am excited. Selling our home to a good family would be the icing on the tres leche cake. (In my world all cake is tres leche aka heaven).

So we will be hashtagging our move with #farrinsdonwa! Eeeep, let's go.


  1. Stumbled on your blog and am enjoying keeping up with you! CONGRATS on the new opportunity and good luck with the move!

    I do what I want.

    1. Heather!! :)

      This just made my day! Thank you for your kind words!


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