July 29, 2015

Heavy Heart: Remembering Leslie Sisti

Remembering Leslie, Be Blessed Lovelies

I don't want to write this post but at the same time I want to share my Remembering Leslie (#rememberingleslie) moments.

Leslie Sisti, writer of A Blonde Ambition Blog, passed away Monday to a heart complication. I never met Leslie. I never chatted in person with her. We emailed a few times and commented on each others blog but I never saw her face to face.

It didn't matter if I did because she radiated through typing words. You didn't doubt her creative abilities. She was blogging before blogging was cool or a thing. I found her blog fresh out of college when I needed encouragement and direction. Her posts were witty, true to her personality and it felt like she was a friend with each post she wrote. You didn't doubt her love of Christ. Her faith is evident. You didn't doubt her love of her girls, Caroline and Ainsley. You didn't doubt her impeccable fashion sense. You could always count of Leslie for a good hair tutorial or the best sales at local boutique's. You didn't doubt her absolute love for her husband. I have read her blog since she was single, to getting married, to having two girls. She was so kind.

In the last few months I know two mom's who have passed away suddenly and left behind young, young babies. It is so hard for me to understand and the tears come frequently thinking about their families. Those babies crying for mommy. I just can't. But God is good and present and loving and Leslie would say the same thing. She truly would. She is leaving such a sweet and lasting legacy.

Leslie, thank you for blessing me. You were a true gem and a life changer.

And as Leslie would say, BE BLESSED LOVELIES.

P.s. If you can, please go support Leslie's go fund me page set up for her daughters education.

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