April 1, 2015

Life Session with Dan Holman Studios

It is no secret that I love a good photograph. Photos don the walls, fridge, frames, entry way, bookshelves of my house. I am constantly snapping pictures to remember a moment. That is why a few years ago Rusty and I were blessed with a life session by Daniel Holman Studios.

When Dan approached me (we worked together on a handful of weddings while in Texas) about a life session I first asked what in the who a life session was. I had never heard the term. Dan explained that he would come over to our house or where ever we preferred and just capture our life together. I l-o-v-e-d this idea and with our anniversary approaching and no new photos of Rusty and I since our wedding I thought this was the perfect idea.

We had also just finished building our home in New Braunfels that we were so proud of. We were happy to invite Dan into our space. Our home that we hand picked every little detail of, he captured.

All this brings me to some really, really, really awesome news. Dan is giving away one life session to anyone anywhere in the U.S. Yep. I didn't misspeak one bit. Anywhere. He will fly to you and spend the day capturing your life. Whether you are a single parent raising littles, a busy family with a soccer game and a birthday party to attend, a newly married couple just starting their journey or a family with no plans on their Saturday, Dan wants to capture it. It is so easy to enter and you would be crazy not to. Click here for your chance to spend time with Dan and get the sweetest photos to hold near to your heart forever. Dan and his wife Kristi are 100% the kindest and most talented couple I know. They will bless you not only with photos but with their loving hearts a million times over.

Dan was 100% right. When I look back on these photos they are still so true to who we are. 3+ years later and I love every single image.

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