April 6, 2015

Let's Go Tiny, Tiny

There is a new trend taking over real estate...tiny, tiny homes. And I am hooked.

Last fall I watched this documentary on Netflix and was inspired. The idea of a tiny home. It makes me giddy.

Like many weird trends I told Rusty I wanted to go tiny. He laughed at me and told me that I couldn't survive being tiny.

Well here I am nearly six months later and I am still dreaming of our tiny home. Even more scary, I kind of want to learn to build one. I know. It is crazy but I love the idea.

I love tiny homes for many reasons but here is the biggest reasons for me:
  • My ascetic style. 
  • Paying stuff off and being debt free. 
  • Saving for other things.
  • Less is so much more.
  • The idea of being close warms my heart.
  • Efficiency.
I want to wash one coffee cup. I want to have one not have ties to thing. I want to be close to my family always. I want one or two picture frames. I want tiny.

R and I were talking about being tiny this weekend and he said I love to collect things. And he is 100% right. I am currently loving collecting coffee mugs that are random and then I thought about how would I feel without them. Say they all broke or I lost them all would I be sad. Immediately I thought yes. That made me realize even more that I am mentally attached to too many things. Too many items stimulate happiness. I want a trip to make me happy. I want more quiet time on my cozy and imitate front porch to mean happiness. I want being debt free to be my happiness.
Alas, until I can convince my husband that we need to buy land, build tiny, raise chickens, travel the continental U.S. and call ourselves farmers I will just show some inspiration photos.
Oh and you can follow my board of tiny home goodness on pinterest here.

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