April 24, 2015

Follow Them // The Instagram Version

About a year ago I was scrolling through my Instagram (@katiefarrin) and was totally unimpressed. I actually started hating Instagram. I felt bombarded by big box stores and fashion bloggers whose wardrobe was/is totally unrealistic and people who made me feel inadequate.

So after thinking about taking a hiatus from social media I realized that I could change my feed. I mean I am the one who began following them in the first place. I did an Instagram purge. I quit following clothing stores. It helped me save money because I wasn't constantly being fed the best and latest outfit. I quit following fashion bloggers (for the most part) whose lipstick cost more than my entire outfit I had on for the day. I started feeling better and more adequate. I didn't feel less. Crazy how an Instagram account can do that.

Then I started following small business owners who were trying to change the world with their product. I started following moms who blogged the truth about being a mommy. I started filling my feed with creative types who were inspiring. I began following women who lifted me up with their posts and ones who quoted scripture and ones who were genuinely real. Instead of a place of frustration or inadequacy, I began to thrive by looking at the new people I was following. Instagram became a place of inspiration. It felt good.

Thus this post. I wanted to share some of those people with you. While I would like to say this post will be a Friday thing, we all know that isn't truthful so I hope to share them with you as I can. Now keep in mind these are a wide variety of people to follow. Some are shop owners, some are dear friends, some are designers...again a wide mix. Be inspired by the people you follow. It makes a big difference!

Here is what you get with Naptime Diaries: canvases, prints, scripture, encouragement, inspiration and Jesus. You can also snag some of their goodies here. All good things friends, all good things.

I would be all but lost without this gals instagram and blog. Jess is the owner of Naptime Diaries, witty, honest, so real, a mommy, creative type, encourager and all together a fabulous human being. Her posts are so true and comical. Many times I find myself just nodding along. Also her blog, well, it is a must read. It is so in touch with the challenges of life but the goodness of Jesus.

Ah Shay. Go and follow her now if not only for her hedgehog family and their hashtags. Shay hails from the lovely state of Texas, is a southern belle, loves her husband in a a way that makes you weepy happy, is the funniest person ever and a talented photographer + watercolor letterer. More of Shay's blog is good for the soul.

Ok. That is all for today. Happy weekend toots!


  1. What a small world...I couldn't figure out why the name Shalyn Nelson sounded familiar, then I clicked on her website and realized I had looked through her stuff when browsing/trying to find a wedding photographer here in Austin. Too crazy!

    I do what I want.

    1. She is fab. Hope you will follow her via Instagram...just for some pep in your step :)

      Happy day to you Heather!


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