April 22, 2015

Skip + Life, Lately

Hi! Why yes, it is the blog owner finally writing a post (mostly full of pictures). I know. It has been a while to get something together. I have been so busy but I have loved the busy times.

We traveled to Dallas this past weekend to visit our dear friends who just moved there and boy did they put on a good show for us. I think the number one thing we did this past weekend was eat. And to furthermore prove that point we attended a food truck festival in Frisco. I purchased two ice cream sandwiches. My favorite was the chocolate chip top cookie, snickerdoodle bottom cookie, salted chocolate ice cream middle. I almost hit my knees on the first bite it was that good. I have never been to Frisco before and boy did I love it. It was small town in big town and those are my favorite little spots. My sweet friend Natasha also knows my love of brunch and took me to Whiskey Cake. It was my first time eating there so I ordered one of everything off the menu. Totally kidding but the thought did cross my mind. I devoured chicken and waffles + deviled eggs. Not just any type of deviled egg but ones topped with steak, onion and feta. Yeah, heaven in egg form. Also french press coffee brought to your table for you to press and make. Pretty much this place is yum and genius but more than that it is the experience. So in short, go stuff yourself full of Whiskey Cake and just a note to those lemon poppyseed pancakes, I will make you mine next go around.

Also our lovely friends here in small town Arkansas just had their baby girl. We are so full up on boys that she is a breath of fresh air. She came out screaming (video evidence to prove it) and it makes us all laugh every time we watch that video. So honored to share the mommy club with Jen.

Lets see. Anything else?

Contrary to what you believe by following me on Instagram (@katiefarrin) I do refrain from posting every single photo of my child. I take so many thus a blog post.

Hey, you sure look pretty today. Wait, let's be real. You totally look pretty everyday.

{all about the baby selfies}
{not sure why he is riding shirtless but alas the heel stretch was captured for Aunt Ron Ron, former college cheerleader}

{daddy with the diaper bag}

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