May 7, 2015

Sharon Willeford was here //  image: Sincerely, Kinsey

A little over a month ago, Skipper had surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital. It was a major and minor surgery. I say major because it was a long surgery, reconstructive but it was one he would recover from in time.

Since he would be recovering at home, my grandmother asked if she could come stay with us. She offered to cook, clean and keep Skip. Let alone that she would do this I love my grandmother. She is one of the greatest people. She was one of the people who really fostered my whimsical and creative soul when I was little. She let me dream while teaching me all about life. She is a native of Chicago but even moved to Arkansas for a few years (then back to Chicago) when I was little to be a part of my life.

She is the best.

Gratefully her visit also fell on Easter which meant a feast. If you know my grandmother, food is her love language. My grandmother travels with a ham in her trunk 98% of the time when she comes to visit. You know, for occasions where you need an entire ham in which this case we did. She whipped up the perfect yeast rolls that butter practically slide right off of, a ham, a turkey wrapped in spices that "I just found in your spice cabinet," strawberry pretzel salad, chocolate bundt cake with carmel drizzle and the fluffiest angel food cake ever. Repeat ever.

She leaves her mark every time and we always wish she could just stay longer. But alas, she returned to the frozen (at the time) tundra of the north.

Sharon Willeford was here...and that makes everyone happy.

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