March 10, 2015

March Goals

march goals //

Let's start this post with a photo of one of my favorite things, morning coffee on the couch. No tv. No sound. Nobody but my bible and coffee. Oh, and fuzzy socks.

Did that just make you happy because it did me?

Hey there March and middle of March goals. But alas I am here. I am also in this phase where I am really trying to get my goals right. I want realistic but also challenging goals. It takes me a while to figure them out. That is okay. Healthy goals are so much greater than goals that leave me feeling empty. You should try it too.


-try a yoga class. This will be my first.

-plan out Spring garden. This will be my first one ever. I am so excited.

-design and organize new pantry.

-begin and complete Phase #1 of the kitchen demo.

-incorporate one essential oil into my daily routine. Thankful for a sister-in-law who is helping me with this.

-share more about my #66dayjourney.

-continue with Whole 30.

-write about my healing with postpartum depression and where I am now.

-hike the trails of our local arboretum with R and Skip.

-lay in the sunshine.

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