March 9, 2015

Kitchen Before #HomeSweetFarrin

Welcome to our kitchen or should I say the land of floral wallpaper. I kid you not when I say that I actually took down floral curtains that were a perfect match to the floral wallpaper because well, florals are forever. At least my grandmother thought so.

I wanted to show you some pictures of the kitchen.

While it is currently looking like this thanks to the start of demo:

I didn't want you to miss the floral. Did I mention the amount of floral yet? Oh, I did? Yeah, lots of floral.

We are slowly working on updating our kitchen. We are changing the layout and knocking down some walls but for the most part things are staying the same. We aren't gutting it because it has really good bones and potential. We are also doing it all in stages to help us out financially. Kitchens cost money y'all.

//Small changes we have made//
  • Removing cabinet doors for open shelving
  • Removing wallpaper and painting
  • Adding art and curtains
  • Rearranging furniture
  • Adding a plant (of course)
  • Removing the formica back splash and mudding it for subway tile

So here it is in all its floral glory. And don't miss the 20 year old microwave that was gifted to us.

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