March 12, 2015

Five Months With Skip

five months with skip //

Skipper. The absolute sweetest boy ever. Seriously, he is the best.

This month he is pushing up into a crawling position then giving up. He scoots everywhere and is rolling around like a crazy man. He smiles and laughs at the weirdest things. Rusty and I pretend to bite off his hand and make a big munchy noise and he thinks it is hysterical.

Skip loves his bouncer chair. He acts a fool in that thing. He also loves eating solids. We are only doing solids at night and his favorites are sweet potatoes or butternut squash.

He is also sitting up which makes me happy and emotional at the same time. Every month I have loved that he is getting older but not the 6 month mark. I get really emotional when I think about it.

Oh and his hair is curling. Beautiful little curls.

Skipper boy, you are the bees knees.

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