February 4, 2015

Four Months with Skip

Four months of my life that I wouldn't trade for, well, anything. I feel so connected to Skipper. My postpartum is getting better (even though bad days still exist) and it is allowing me a feeling I hadn't felt yet with being a mommy. My son is beautiful. I cannot believe he is a part of me.

I am tired but in the best sense possible. He is worth all the sleepless nights. Yes, my child still wakes up one to two times a night even on the closer side to five months. But he is pure bliss. He is learning constantly and you can see the connections he is making with his toy, animals, books, us. I love when he puts his arm around my neck or places his hand on my cheek. I am raising a gentlemen and the sweetest boy ever. Oh Skip, you are my heart sweet son.

Skip loves: his jumper, when mommy makes kissing noises, Daddy making silly faces, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, sweet potatoes, his zipadeezip, his crib, books, music and rolling around.

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