January 27, 2015

Day 2 & My Why's // 66 Day Journey

And now for a picture that has everything absolutely nothing to do with this post but is such pretty inspiration that I need today. And every post needs a photo. It is a proven fact.

Day 2 of the 66 day journey.

Send relief.

Totally kidding.

No obstacles. Yet. Minus all my thoughts swirling around about how excited I am to be doing this. That is an obstacle in that my documentation i.e. blog posts come out scrambled but that really isn't anything new around these parts.

Yesterday I introduced you to the 66 day journey and it feels good. A personal journey to renewed health and a deeper relationship with Christ. I got a positive response from a handful of you. Even some readers are participating and that is nice. I like friends coming along with me. It is all about comfort y'all. Comfort is one of my favorite things. Comfort in friendship, comfort in words, comfort in clean sheets, comfort in coffee, comfort in yoga, comfort in bubble baths, comfort in a 66 day transformation. See, comfort always wins. Remember that. Write it down. Maybe I should have written comfort in yoga...pants. Whoever created those is a genius, I say.

Now back to this whole 66 day thing. I told you a bit about wanting to incorporate fitness into my routine plus reading God's word but here are the why's....

Some ridiculous, some personal, some quirky. You know, the typical.

1 // My child. Everything has changed for the better with Skip. I want to be strong, healthy and playful, just like him.

2 // I deserve it. Plain and simple. I am forgiven in both areas, faith and fitness. I deserve to be joyful and healthy and courageous and mindful of who I am and what I represent.

3 // Happiness. Both aspects make me happy. I would be crazy not to take advantage of them.

4 // Free. Free is free. I can workout at home and I can read my bible for no cost.

5 // Conviction. Let's be honest in that I know I should be working out + I should be going deeper each day with Christ but I don't. Well, not consistently. Thus the conviction to do both.

6 // Workout clothes are cute. Seriously? Yeah, this just made the list.

7 // I want to look better. Yeah, this made the list too. It may sound vain but when I look at a photo of myself I do not feel confident or happy. I feel stuck or trapped.

8 // Overcome my emotional relationship with food.

9 // I aspire to make workout clothes fit into my professional life. Crazy? Who knows. We will see if I can make it happen.

10 // Because I want to encourage others. I want you to join me. I want you to be my accountability and I yours. I want us to make a better version of ourselves. I want to push others to know that they can do this too.

Don't forget to follow or document this journey with #66dayjourney. Day 2 begun, only 64 more to go.  Feel that positivity?

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