December 18, 2014

Jeans That I Love and That Love Me Back

Since Skip was born I have been looking for a pair of jeans that I adored. Heck, I just wanted the sensation of zipping my pants again versus a tummy panel that pulled up over my postpartum belly.

I tried on jeans after jeans, style after style and had no luck. I started to get discouraged especially when I had to keep putting on my pregnancy jeans.

It finally took me waking up to the fact that my body is different now. I am not the same size. I now wear stretch marks on my stomach {in the shape of a heart :)}, thighs and hips. I am shaped differently and that is okay.

But I still wanted that perfect jean.

My ideal jean is a dark wash. Rugged. Skinny fit. Perfect with booties.

This post brings you good news and puts an end to all the suspense because YES! I have finally found the perfect pair of jeans!

Guys, these jeans make this mommy and woman feel like a million dollars. I almost want to sleep in them I love them so much. At least wear them will folding laundry. I know...I live on the edge. :)

Old Navy for the win. I literally screamed out loud in the dressing room when I pulled these bad boys on yesterday. And then a happy dance ensued. Because a) they fit and don't bunch in the back and b) I finally found them. So yes, this may seem like a love letter to a pair of pants but I want all women to find jeans that make them happy....especially after baby.

Want your pair? Here you go. I opted for the rockstar distressed super skinny but the better news is there are lots of options for you. Happy Thursday!

And almost Christmas!!

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