December 19, 2014

Christmas Is...

December is by far my favorite month. I love this time of year. It is magical. It is full of fun, good eats, family, thoughtful gestures and Christmas.

With adding a babe to our family it has me re-evaluating what I want to teach my child about Christmas.

Thus this post came about with the idea of what Christmas means to me and what I want it to mean to Skip.

Christmas is...

slowing down.

advent + learning more about advent events for our family.

Christ's birth.

kind gestures.

paying it forward.

late night movie dates with my husband.

snuggling under the covers longer in the morning.

letting Skip play in the bathtub longer regardless of schedule.

homemade gifts.

story time.

Christmas Eve candle light service.

laughing with friends.

dinner around the table and with no rush.

longer mornings studying his word.

coffee and then a second cup.


walks around the neighborhood.

handwritten notes.

fuzzy socks.

giving gifts that don't cost a thing like time and volunteering.

serving others.

time with family.

These are just some things that I like about Christmas time.

But while typing this post it brings me back to the idea that I love all these things listed above and why make it only happen at Christmas time? Make a life that you love no matter what time of year. The idea that Skip will understand Christmas a bit more next year has me excited but I am also aware of what I teach him year round. Good times, memorable times, slower times, heart warming times are year round. Thank goodness. And the idea of teaching Skip these things is an absolute honor.

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