October 14, 2014

Skip's Birth Story, Part 1

Well, we did it. We had a baby. Seriously, I cannot believe it.

We have had Skip for almost a month and it has been so exhausting, exciting, eye opening, challenging, rewarding, so good month of my life. They aren't lying when they say a baby changes your world. But it is totally in the best way possible.

For months leading up to Skip's birth I read a zillion birth stories. That really isn't an exaggeration (well, it was a lot). I love birth stories. Something about the way a woman's body works is so neat to me. So of course, I wanted to blog Skip's birth story. Partially to remember all the details but also to share my birth story with others. Alas, let's begin...

I shared a little bit about our problems with my blood pressure here. It was something that didn't rear its ugly head until about 35ish weeks. We went in for an appointment and it was very high so I got to pee in a pretty orange container for 24 hours, was put on bed rest on my left side and had blood work done. I also started coming in to see my doctor twice a week versus once a week. Luckily, all tests came back that I did not have preeclampsia. I was still restricted to bed rest for a minimum of four hours a day.

Skip was due on September 18th. On Monday, September 9th, I woke up, ate breakfast and then went back to sleep on the couch. I set my alarm to wake me up for an eye appointment. The eye appointment was the last thing on my pre-baby checklist. When I woke up and started to get ready I was short of breath and sweating. I knew immediately something was wrong. I came into the living room to take my blood pressure and my resting rate was over 100. My doctor said if that ever happens to call her immediately. I called her and her nurse told me to go to labor and delivery stat. Holy cow. Was this it? Was he coming early? I was terrified. I called Rusty and tried to stay calm but was crying hysterically and couldn't catch my breath. He left work and rushed home to take me to the women's center. Next I threw some things into a bag because I still didn't have one packed. I called my mom and she left work to come meet us at the hospital as well. I was feeling awful.

We made it to labor and delivery and got checked in right away. They took a urine sample, drew blood, put me in a hospital gown, hooked me up to the monitor that checked Skip's heart rate and put me in bed on my side. They took my blood pressure again and it had gone down significantly. I was also registering contractions on the monitor but they were not painful or that strong. I was talking through them and had actually been having them for a few weeks. I was so thankful that my former dance teacher turned nurse was there to take care of me that day. She was such a blessing and truly calmed me down. They monitored me for about two hours and once my blood work came back regular and my contractions disappeared decided to send me home back on bed rest. I was already scheduled to see my OB three days later. I had to do another 24 hour urine sample (I hate peeing in an orange container) and more blood work the following day.

It was a total scare to go to labor and delivery like that. I went home and tried to rest. No Skip that day though and to be honest I was okay with it. I wanted more time with Rusty, wanted more sleep, didn't have a bag really packed. I was just not ready. Most pregnant women want the baby out but I didn't. I guess you can say I am stubborn for change. Truly, I was scared to become a mommy. It is a big task and who only knows if I would be good at it or not. So Skip was staying put.

Thursday Rusty and I headed to the doctor. Let me add that our OB is hands down amazing. I cannot say enough good things about her and her staff. We were totally blessed with her kind and peaceful spirit. When we got to her office on Thursday she explained that we were no longer benefiting with keeping Skip inside of me due to my blood pressure. My plan all along has been to let things happen naturally but I was so uncomfortable. I easily had 30+ pounds of fluid on me and pooling around my ankles, hands and face. I was ready to feel more like myself so when our doctor suggested we come in that following Sunday for induction I didn't hesitate. It gave me a timeline on meeting Skip and I would feel better again.

We spent our last weekend as non-parents sleeping, eating, shopping, cleaning, watching tv and time with friends and family. On Sunday I was so nervous. I couldn't believe that within 24 hours I would be holding our son. It was surreal.

We packed down the car and headed for the hospital. I can remember hearing my heartbeat in my ears as I stepped out of the elevator and told the nurse through the phone, "I need to be let in. My name is Katie Farrin and we are here for induction." And with that...the doors opened.

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