October 16, 2014

One Month With Skip

One month with our boy! Mommy may be a little obsessed with him. He is the sweetest y'all! I hope to keep doing monthly updates even though I don't like the idea of him getting older. I told Rusty that I wish we could keep him this little and never let him grow up in which he leaned over to Skip and told him I am crazy. :)

Skip loves: bath time (he is like his mommy), being extremely warm, car rides, watching sports with Daddy, his swing, music, eating, mommy's singing and being held


We just adore you. You are our perfect little lamb. I love spending my days with you. You really are becoming my best friend and I couldn't imagine a day without you. You have me wrapped buddy. Daddy and I like to sandwich kiss your face and talk to you. Your Dad is so proud of his boy and I don't blame him. You are our joy Skip!

Thanks for making us parents.


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