September 2, 2014

September Goals

September? Already? I know you all know this but I have long awaited this month since the first of the year. Not only is it signs of Fall but I also get to hold my child for the first time. Oh September, I love you already.

So how did August goals go? Surprisingly, I rocked August. Applause. Even with some health complications with this pregnancy I checked off a majority of my goals. Let's reminisce:

{August Goals}
//Hang plus hem guest bedroom curtains//
100%: I secretly had the best time doing this. I know that I am weird. I turned on chick flicks and just went to hemming.

//True deep clean of the entire house//
0%: bed rest put a big nope on this one. I am learning to love my messy home. Learning....

//Finish A-L-L thank you notes for showers//
100%: I love writing thank you notes!

//Read Bringing Up BeBe//
75%: I guess technically it does say read. Now I just need to finish the book and am almost done.

//Commit to nursery wall art//
100% and I am in love. I promise to share the nursery soon but some of the artwork has his name on it which means you cannot see the finished results just yet. We are keeping his name a secret until we meet him.

//Pack a hospital bag//
30%: I know but I figure it will give me something to do when my contractions truly start.

//Get my mom over here to set up my sewing machine//
0%: Whoooops. Not her fault, totally mine.

//Plan three totally different date nights for R and I//
100%: I even have a post going right now about this very goal. I am excited! I like dating my husband.

{September Goals}
//Have a baby//
This is the only goal I am giving myself for this month. It may not be a long list but it is a big task. I am working to rest more and spend time with friends and family in small doses (thanks bed rest) before baby is here. I am so ready to meet this guy. He has my heart and he isn't even here. Yay for September :)

What is on your list? What is your favorite thing about this month? Share below sweet friends.

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