September 5, 2014

Our Three Date Nights

So Rusty and I are almost to our fourth wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it. Really it seems surreal that this guy has put up with me and I with him (ha!) for four years of marriage and five years of dating. Who are those kids in that picture above? We were so naive, inexperienced with life, elated, working for the weekend and madly in love. And in so many ways we are still all those things but different too. Man do I love that guy.

I sometimes think we are a different breed. Don't get me wrong, I love R but we are just different. We like to do social outings with friends or dinner at our neighbors for our dates. We rarely get dolled up and venture out for a snazy dinner alone. My birthday and our anniversary are really it for our date nights. And some may criticize us for that but we are happy. In the year we dated before we got married we didn't really date much just us either. We love our t.v. shows (currently needing a new Netflix series to watch), dinner together at our table and the occasional ice cream run. We are just different and it works for us.

Romance to me is when I am extremely busy and Rusty does the laundry without me asking. Oh man, that makes me weak at the knees. Ha! Funny but true. Regardless, I want to date my husband especially before our little bundle arrives. And I do hope we can do more outside of the home with just us but in due time. Honestly, I think these planned date nights might be weird for us just because it is so different but trying we will.

Since I am having to rest 90% of the day all dates will happen in our home.

//Building a Tent + Watch a Movie//
I am not revealing this one to him at all. (Don't worry - he is not an avid blog reader). My plans: a sheet tent, Christmas lights, junk food snacks, ordering a pizza, the air mattress and our favorite blankets and pillows.

I am already bouncing up and down for this one. Eeep!

//Dinner In + The Newlywed Game//
Rusty and I l-o-v-e to cook together in the kitchen. It makes us feel very connected. My plans: new recipe that both of us can make together and playing the newlywed game. 

//Fill the Bucket + Photo Shoot//
One thing that I am noticing about Rusty and I is that when we vacation or really accomplish something or check off a big to-do we are like crazed people. We want to tackle something new. It got me thinking that as a couple we should make a bucket list together. Travel to Greece? Okay. Save a certain amount of money in 5 years? Let's do it. Whatever it is, I want us to make a bucket list together. Stuff that we can accomplish together. I also want to take photos of us being goofy. This is something we did when we first started dating on my Macbook and I think it would be fun to recreate. It is silly but reminiscent. Plus Rusty is really good looking so more photos of him the better.

I am hoping that these three dates create a few special moments before our boy arrives plus it makes time just for us. I like dating my husband even if we do it differently than most.

What is your favorite date night with your love? Happy Friday! :)

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