August 26, 2014

It Makes Me Happy // Volume 1

Well I am officially on bed rest(ish). I am almost 37 weeks and had a little health scare last week. All is well and all prayers have been answered. Thank goodness and a sigh of relief. Surprisingly though I didn't immediately freak out or think worse case scenario. I have been praying, journaling and speaking good into our situation. And it is helping me. God is truly blessing us with letting our bean stay put a little longer.

I am getting a dose of my own blogging medicine; see this post on learning to rest. Which ultimately for me this means learning to let go of control. I feel like this stage in life is all about me letting go of control. Control over my home, faith, finances, happiness. I am learning something new right now and God is faithfully seeing me through. He is teaching me. I am thankful that he is wanting to teach me. I will take it.

Since I am a resting, feet up machine lately (have to do this a majority of my day with little activity) I have been a pinning and a blog reading addict. I have practically redesigned our house on Pinterest and keep updating your blogs because I need it. I cannot tell you how many times I shout to Rusty look at this bathroom or we should do this next. He kindly gives me an okay dear. Thus started this post (which every blogger already does so this screams originality on my part). Some call it link love, some call it Friday links but I call it it makes me happy // volume 1.

Everything about this hexagon black tile floor on House Tweaking.

Naptime Diaries released their new Fall print line and it is marvelous and encouraging.

Can we redo our laundry room with a new shelf and backsplash?

Currently thinking this would be good over our guest bed.

These blooms. I think everyone should have these on their dinner table.

Recipe pinned that I hope to make in the next few days.

Eyebrows the right way with a bit of humor.

Is it time for this kind of dressing now? Fall, I promise to write soon.

I hope to keep this little post up. I love the idea of finding inspiration all over the web. What is inspiring you lately?

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