August 20, 2014

God's Wisdom

A few weeks ago I started reading through Proverbs. I do not know what prompted me to start reading this book of the Bible, well, obviously God's calling but I couldn't get Proverbs out of my head.

And the funny thing is that God knew what he was doing. I know. It makes me laugh at the statement too. Of course he knew but I am learning so much about wisdom. Not just knowledge but true wisdom in who he is and life and this world and my future. My bible does a little introduction of each book and a summary of the content that you will learn. It reads, "Knowledge can help you pass tests and accomplish tasks, but wisdom will guide you through the most important decisions in life." I don't know about you guys but those decisions are really upon our family right now. That whole giving birth and raising a child thing and not having any clue what we are doing.

Yesterday I was reading Proverbs 8:1-9 and wanted to share a little bit. Verse 2 says, "She stands (wisdom...of course she is female ;)) on the hilltop and at the crossroads." This struck me in the fact that in all honesty God isn't the first one I turn to when something is on my heart or mind. But his word says true Godly wisdom is right there at every crossroad/difficult decision. Every tear. Every sorrow. Every bad day. Wisdom remains there. So what don't I always chose that first? My wisdom is nothing, not even a drop of good compared to what God has to offer me.

Then I started looking at all the things just those few verses described wisdom as:

  • not naive
  • gives common sense
  • gives complete understanding
  • has excellent things to say to me
  • everything is right
  • speaks truth
  • hates deception
  • advice is wholesome and good
  • nothing crooked or twisted (pure)
  • easy to understand
  • available to ALL who want it

Well of course I want it. I want God's wisdom in every decision I make. But out of all of this the thing that impacted me the most is I get to access God's wisdom absolutely anytime. Say what? In the good, in the bad, in the sad, in the chaos, in the peace, in the valley low, on the mountaintop. No matter what, my filth, my sin, my terrible heart, God still gives me first hand access to his wisdom. Man, does he love us. It literally takes my breath away when I think about it. God is so good. I cannot explain my love for him and his wisdom.

I am nothing but he makes me something. What do you love about his infinite wisdom? We all are able to use it so let's start now.

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