August 15, 2014

Home Tour: Our Entry Way

I love looking at house tours. I could do it all day, every day. And well some days I do. But the thing I have also learned about house tours is they can make your home feel inadequate. You may not have as much money to decorate or your style is still being defined. The good news: that is totally okay. Take your time. Embrace your space. Don't feel inadequate. I am learning to love the way I decorate. I love mixing new and old together. It makes for a comfortable home for us.

When we moved to El Dorado my husband had a secret plan to buy my grandparents house. My grandfather had it for sale and we were currently living with him while it was listed. My grandfather and Rusty had secret talks and both worked on trying to convince me to go with the house. I eventually caved and am so glad that I did. We have been working on the house for about 8 months and have gotten so much done. But then at times I look at our home and think we have so far to go.

The biggest thing with this house is that it needs work. Not a ton. Mostly cosmetic with wallpaper and painting and new floors but we also have two rooms that need a complete demo: the master bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen is the space I get giddy about when I think of remodeling the space. Eeeep! Over the years we will eventually get there. That is a big lesson to learn with any home. Your home will not be ideal and perfect for a while and you have to embrace that time in between. We are thankful to have a home. A home that is full of so many memories. My childhood home. A big space that we get to make our 100%. I love this space. I think I tell Rusty that every day and am so glad that he and my grandfather worked their magic.

Today I am showing you our entry way. And these photos are taken with our extremely fancy camera (my iPhone). Enjoy loves. Oh and this room is the only room in the house that is 100% done minus adding to our gallery wall as time goes on.

//the hat my grandmother wore when leaving her wedding reception//

Most things are hand me downs or from TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx is my second home.

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