August 19, 2014

A Post About Taylor Swift

Yes, this is a post about Taylor Swift. Now before you click off the blog let me explain.

Our darling Taylor just wrote a new song and admittedly while some do not care for her my 16 year old heart absolutely adores her. Who am I kidding? My 27 year old heart loves her. I just think people find her annoying but look at all she does. She is kind, not raunchy, hasn't done the whole teen weirdo thing like Bieber and Lohan, gives her time, talents and money to others and loves making her fans happy. So back to her new song...

It is called Shake It Off. And the words are legit. She totally makes fun of herself and what others say about her. And I was like holy moly, I need to be this way. Who cares about the perception others have of you? Are you happy? Well go with that. Shake it off.

Bad day. Shake it off.
Burn dinner. Shake it off.
5 loads of laundry. Shake it off.
Nervous about an important meeting. Shake it off.
First date jitters. Shake it off.

If for nothing else, the video is hysterical.

And if you now question my depth of writing or taste in music, well, I'm just going to shake it off. See what I did there? :)

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