July 2, 2014

Seaside Vacation // Part One

The moment I knew that I was going to teach and would have the summer off I wanted to go to the beach. There is something so therapeutic about having your toes in your sand. And in your swimsuit. And in your beach bag. And in your snacks. Because we all know that is how sand works.

I ache for the sound of wave and sun and umbrellas and time off. So we made it happen.

A lot of people have told me about Seaside and every person told me I would love it. They were right. It is picturesque and the total package location for a Nicholas Sparks book or the Truman Show (which it actually was).

I also feel like I play this fun game on vacation where when Rusty and I first arrive I like to not be able to find our rental. I played this game in New York and again in Seaside. Well, I don't necessarily do it on purpose but it kind of happens for every trip I plan. When we arrived, we couldn't find it. Rusty got into a panic which I secretly love. Does that make me a bad wife? Ha. We did find our cute little property named Dreamboat.

Our cottage was perfect and tiny (pictures below). It was across the street from the beach and a parking lot over from downtown Seaside. Location was a must for us on a budget because everyone who has visited Seaside has told us parking is a nightmare. They were right. It is a must to find a spot and leave your car there for your stay. I rented our cottage through Homeaway. We got a steal on our place due to a few bad reviews on the cottage. I took a chance anyway and it was a fabulous property. Besides, no one spends all their time inside when the beach is next door.

Don't worry guys. I have picture overload and another post following this one. You. are. welcome.

Here are some places we shopped and ate:

//Places we ate//
Frost Bites: Sno cone place that is good and over priced. Beach towns can get away with it. I tried the sno cone called Bad Date. It was passion fruit and lemon and yum. It was more for the experience.

Modica Market: IN LOVE. This market has everything. You can go in, buy all your groceries, get a cup of coffee, a boogie board, sunscreen and wine. Their wine selection was superb but alas, I am pregnant. I loved this market. They had a wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner selection. It was amazing. Have I bragged enough? On Friday, R and I stopped in for bottled water and fruity drinks. I got a homemade cherry limeade while R got a mimosa. It was literally champagne overload and splash of fresh orange juice. I was jealous while he enjoyed his drink but my limeade was delicious. I was so impressed with their selection of food too. They had nice cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit and of course a bakery with the best looking orange dreamsicle cake. Go to Seaside just for this place. Oh and the service was top notch all hours of the day.

Great Southern Cafe: Holy yum. Rusty and I had collard greens and artichoke dip with fresh pita bread, a giant caesar salad with homemade croutons, grilled blackened shrimp with green beans and smoked gouda cheese grits. The grits were out of this world. This was the only restaurant that we had to wait to be served which I thought was good for all the places we ate. We dressed up nice for this dinner. This place is a little home turned into an excellent Southern delicacy. I cannot wait to eat those grits again.

Pickles: Don't do it. Lol It was good, honestly. The food was greasy and not our style. We felt awful later that day on the beach. They do make handmade burgers that are fresh and home cut style fries. I had a grilled cheese. It was delicious but weighed us down. They also don't do refills which is weird to me.

//Places we shopped//
Duckies: In my next life I will own Duckies. It was a fun kids store with clothes and toys galore. I did some Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews. It was so fun! Rusty and I spent so much time in the store playing with everything. And they had little baby boy bowties.

Sundog Books: I am obsessed with this store. I could have stayed forever and become an employee. Books everywhere, in every corner. Go there.

Central Square Records: I love the idea of this store and of course bought a new record. I got a classic Frank Sinatra record and it warms my heart. I cannot wait to rock my baby and sing a little Frank. This store takes old records that are pre-owned and resells them. They also carry new records too. I don't think people realize that records aren't just for classic artists. You can easily purchase a Bruno Mars or Lorde record with their latest hits. I just loved this little store.

Ready for some pictures? I knew it. :)

More on Seaside to come!

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  1. We live in New Braunfels, but moved here from Destin and I used to work in Seaside. (Did you stop in Pizitz next to Modica? That was my workplace!) It was so beautiful there and so laid back, I just miss it so much! Thanks for taking me back!! :)


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