July 9, 2014

DIY Wall Stamp

When it has come to decorating our nursery I really don't have a set theme. I am just gathering things that I love. I want a room that I love too. The nursery also needs to serve as a room that works for a few years. Once we decorated it would stay this way until baby boy needs a big boy bed (3+ years).

One space that I wanted to make so fun and usable was the closet. I wanted it to be open and the floor area to house toys, books, comfy blankets and pillows. I want baby to love his reading area. We also have a closet with a lot of shelving options for all sorts of goodies and organization (not pictured. boo.)

I thought it would be fun to do a wall stamp on the lower half of the closet but we all know how my DIY projects typically go. I was browsing Pinterest and say some DIY stamps made out of materials you have at home. I immediately ran to my wine cork stash (I keep them and write the date or special occasion on them for a sweet keepsake). I took out a knife and carved a triangle into the top of the cork. Then I just went for it. And guys, I l-o-v-e it so. I used leftover paint from our garage. It is a light gray on a light  mint wall.

I couldn't believe how easy and budget friendly this project was.

//DIY Stamp Materials//
Wine cork
Blank canvas
Exacto knife/kitchen knife

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