May 2, 2014

The Biggest Thank You

Guys, thank you so much for your kind words. I cannot believe we know that baby Farrin is a little boy. But more importantly, I cannot believe the outpouring of love we have received from everyone and their excitement for us. It feels great to share this slice of joy with everyone we can. It is amazing how this baby is already blessing lives and making others happy.

This morning I prayed over my belly. This baby is mine but so much bigger than mine. This baby is a gift and I pray that I can love it and help the baby grow to be a man of God. A man that is funny (like his Dad), musical (like Mommy) and have a heart that gives so big and sees the good in everything (like his Daddy).

Oh this baby. I cannot wait to meet him.

And thank you again. Your words, calls, texts, posts, hugs, gifts...everything means so much to us. We feel your love and support and we couldn't ask for more. We honestly couldn't. Thank you again.

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