April 30, 2014

Baby Farrin Is A....

You guys! It is finally time. We got to see our sweet baby Tuesday afternoon and let me just say I am in love.

It is weird that I haven't really felt connected to the baby. Is that odd? Is that normal? I just haven't been but yesterday, oh man, did yesterday change the game. I am already calling the baby by name, talking to the babe, singing to it and of course I went shopping within hours of finding out. Ha!

Here is the little video that I put together (with R's help of course) and am so happy we did this. We went to our appointment and had our tech write down the gender in a little pink envelope. We went home and recorded ourselves opening the envelope. It was magical y'all. I cried, R cried and we were both totally surprised. We thought for sure it was the opposite. Oh man, oh man. Happy day friends!

Love is sweet :)

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