May 13, 2014

My First Mother's Day(ish) + A Little Hope for All Mom's

This past Sunday was Mother's Day which all of you know unless you are currently a cast member on Lost. Lost is currently running in our house and to us the season finale hasn't happened. And please don't ruin it even though we have been warned.

We made plans to travel to Fayetteville for Mother's Day. My best friend lives there with her husband, pup and little girl (pictured above). I thought I should document this Mother's Day because I am actually going to be a mommy. While baby boy Farrin is still a few months away it is so exciting to celebrate.

The biggest thing on our agenda was brunch. Fun fact: Brunch is a holiday in my mind. Brunch is taken seriously and should be enjoyed with each bite. We ventured to one of my favorite spots on Dickson, Common Grounds. They make this coffee drink/latte called Cinnful Swirl. And it lives up to its name every time. I love that drink. We also enjoyed bagels, cream cheese, eggs and fresh fruit. It was ideal and I didn't want to leave. The food was good, the company was great, the weather was so good to us. It was a great day. We traveled back to South Arkansas and did a lot of napping in the car. Plus we had a few good car talks. I live for good car talks with Rusty. Sometimes I feel like we solve all our issues and sometimes we just laugh so hard about life.

I also feel like the weekend was a success because I don't have a lot of photos to share which means I actually kept my phone away for the most part. With the social media cleanses I have done lately, I am starting to notice how much other people are on their phone. I watched people miss moments that were fun and exciting because of social media. I don't know why but I feel like God is touching my heart with this issue. Social media, you are fun and appealing but you also stink. Bad stink. I am currently brainstorming a post about this. To come, sometime.

That night Rusty volunteered to go to the grocery store when we got home. I am not sure if he did this as a gift to me (I don't like the store) or because our cash grocery budget goes to all my pregnancy cravings and none to him. Poor guy settled for lunch meat and pringles last week while I had everything else. It wasn't that fun for him. None the less, he went and I was so thankful. I will take gifts like that forever. He did gift me a massage this upcoming weekend for a girls trip I am going on. He is a good man and a little man will be in my arms next Mother's Day. Weird, but it is happening.

Lastly, I have been really thinking about Mother's Day and babies. It is such a positive and special holiday to honor Mom's and I fully support that but I also think about all the women hurting. The women who are still waiting on a positive pregnancy test. The women who grieve the loss of a child. The women who are praying for her wayward child. The women hoping to just hear a thank you from their babe. One such a sweet holiday there are hurting hearts. And I hate that. While I may not know all the pain you feel, I can pray for you. I can think of you and remember your baby and cry with you. The thought of hurting over a child is something I cannot imagine. Other moms are thinking about you too. We are praying for you. We are hoping with you. We are thankful for your story that you so bravely tell. We are happy you give perspective. We love you and I hope you always feel that, holiday or not.

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