May 11, 2014

Life Lately // Volume 4

Hello doll. So I need to dump a ton of photos and here is the place. It also makes me happy to look back through the past few weeks and see all that we have done. Also I figure if you read this blog and don't care to hear more about us having a baby then this post is for you.

You are welcome.

I hope your day is merry and bright. Yes, that is a Christmas greeting but it works today too.

It is never, ever dull with Rusty. Thank goodness.

We are starting to put the nursery together. The room got painted this week. I love it.

I spent the weekend with this girl. She is the best thing. 

 Baby boy, I love you.

I am savoring this little corner of our home.  

Notes from my students for #teacherappreciationweek. 


 I gave my students about 20 minutes to rest, do some breathing exercises and listen to meditation style music. They loved it if not for the fact some of them got a cat nap. I do things differently in my classroom and I love that it is my room.

A gift from my husband. 

 My grandmother made these for the baby.

 Easter 2014

The sweetest gift. My mentor teacher gifted baby boy Farrin a book that has been read to each child in her family for five generations. It doesn't get much sweeter.

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