May 19, 2014

Maternity Style // Volume 1

When I got pregnant I honestly didn't think I would need maternity clothes until week 20. Hardy har. I am glad I can laugh at that now.

About week 8 my pants were already tighter and my chest grew immediately. My body is changing (totally in a good way even though some days it is hard to see that).

I have been very blessed to receive three wardrobes from friends full of cute maternity stuff. The thing is I eventually have to return it. I know, nuts. Why I cannot just keep it is beyond me?

I know I need to invest in some nice maternity pieces. When we always talked about starting a family we agreed on one baby. We fully want to spoil and inspire that one babe but I really like being pregnant. Like really like it. I may change my mind once I give birth. (Yet to be experienced ;))

I want to have nice dresses and outfits that work for casual and especially in the process of gaining and then losing the baby weight. Enters ASOS. And I am in love.

Their clothes are so cute and very affordable. The biggest thing is that they are attractive and not weird "what do you do with this" type of maternity clothes. My biggest concern with dressing is covering my arms. I am weird and gain weight in my arms. My arms for crying out loud. All the dresses below are less than $40 and have some type of sleeve which make them all an ideal match. Budget friendly, pretty, feminine, cute. Shopping just got fun.

Here are some of my favorites.

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