April 28, 2014

It Really Does Start With Me

Recently I watched this video about social changes in our country. And it got me thinking. What am I doing to help others?

Recently I have been pondering, praying and thinking about my strength not only in ministry but in helping others. What is something that I am called to do to help others? Does it require me to step outside of my comfort zone? Will it come natural? Will it be in my workplace? Is it in my neighborhood? What am I missing?

I read stories and have friends who do little and huge acts of giving to other people and organizations. The size doesn't matter but the fact they are acting does. My best friend and her husband adopted a little boy in another country and have been sponsoring him for years. They write to him and have cared for a child for a long time. I have other friends who feel called to go on mission trips. My mom went on her first medical mission trip and said it was everything and more.

I am learning that my action doesn't have to be leaving the country, although it might be. It may be hosting a ladies night at my home to love on the women that live around me. It may be donating my time or baking efforts to an organization. It may be giving financially to support a ministry. I am not sure yet but it is on my heart.

Thank goodness it is being placed on my heart. And I know it will come. Until then, I pray and wait.

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