January 12, 2014

How A Little Tulle Skirt Can Change Your Day

One thing about living in a small town is that the shopping is limited. I have about two stores that I am able to buy from so online shopping has been my thing.

This past New Year we traveled to New Braunfels (the sweet little town we called home for two years) and I was so looking forward to a New Years party. I had bought jeans a cute top with some sparkle. Rusty and I spent that day shopping around town with plenty of options. We stopped into Kohl's were I started browsing their clearance section. Lo' and behold I pulled out the cutest tulle skirt. On clearance. And the angels rejoiced.

I thought too myself, you are 26-years-old. You don't need a tulle skirt. Where would I wear it? Uh duh self, New Years that night. I thought about it and decided to take it into the dressing room to try on. I fell in love. I couldn't believe how much I could love a tulle skirt with a sparkly gold glitter band. It fit perfect and I didn't feel silly; I felt fab. (Even Rusty liked it and he can be picky!)

So I snatched it up.

I took the skirt and ran.

I loved wearing it to the party that night and bringing in 2014 in tulle. It was so much fun!

One thing I want to do with this blog that I mentioned before is making it more lifestyle. I want to talk about clothes, shopping on a budget, realistic clothes purchases. I feel fashion blogs give great ideas but honestly, who drops $250 on a new top? That is crazy!

So here goes nothing with my first outfit(ish) post. And yes, these are taken with an iPhone in my backyard. Hi plastic shed. Style at its best. :)

Top: Old Navy // Skirt: Lauren Conrad at Kohls // Watch: Target // Bracelet: Old Navy {old}

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