January 9, 2014

4 Ways to Absolutely Knock the Socks Off of 2014

This post isn't just for you. It is mostly for me but I figure if I need it then someone else may too. We all work so hard to make new resolutions. We come up with a word or catchphrase for the year. We decide things like "this is our year" or "I will change __________ in 2014." I fully support these ideas. I even posted all my goals (business and personal) here.

But what happens when you have a no good, awful day? Or May rolls around and you cannot even remember what you resolved to fix, change, improve? I have four ways that can really bless your heart. Four simple ways in your life and mine whether you made 10 resolutions or not a single one.

1. Set realistic goals + post them everywhere. When I say realistic goals I truly means goals that you can obtain. A goal that is not achieveable already sets you up for failure. You have to be realistic with time, money, your life, your health. Once you have your goals post them everywhere. Your car, bathroom mirror, desk at work, coffee maker (I go there first thing every morning). Make sure you goals are visible and a positive reminder of all that you know you can overcome.

2. What are you feeding your heart? This is so big y'all. What are you feeding your heart? Do shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make us better people? Honestly? I love that show but the girls are mean. It isn't real life. Heck, half of them aren't even really housewives per say. Feed your heart good so that it produces good. If you fill yourself with junk and negativity, well, that is what you put out. For me filling up my heart includes no tv, no social media, quiet moments, blogging, time with R and lastly reading the Bible. So much goodness in that book!

3. Know when to reset and rest. No work. No phone. No email. No social media. Just you + a bubble bath,  workout, pedicure, reading your favorite book. Whatever it is. I am learning that coming home from work and drinking coffee or doing yoga is okay. I need the down time. You time can lead to better success and feeling fabulous.

4. Let it go. To be honest, you may slip up on a goal or you may spend more than you budgeted for the month or you may forget your best friends birthday. When those things pop up, you have to let it go. For most of 2013 I struggled with the idea that I was failing and while life kept going I was holding on to errors I made weeks and months prior. I can remember one of my first week's of teaching I was really hard on a student and I over analyzed that situation every day. Being healthy, achieving balance, accomplishing good, takes an every day re-evaluation. It means letting go. And yes, listening to Frozen's version is okay too!

How do you make sure you stick to your goals? I know that 2014 will get bumpy but I also know I am stronger than the bumps in the road. Thank you Lord for your strength.

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  1. I am also making similar "resolutions" for myself - budgeting, getting healthier, and finding a better balance for doing the fun things that I enjoy!


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