January 13, 2014

DIY Gold Picture Frame

This little lady did a DIY project. Is it fab? Is it creatively over the top? Well, to me it is. So there.

I am currently working on a fun gallery wall in my entry way. It is full of frames that don't match but work together. I want to add gold to my wall. Cleaning out my grandparents house has brought about some fun, fun decor. Decor that is old. Decor that is retro. Decor that is classic. And lastly, decor that needs spray paint.

+ Old Frame
+ White Spray Paint
+ Wet Rag
+ Gold Spray Paint
+ Painters Tape
+ Surface to spray paint on
+ A smile (Not optional)

Here are all the pretty supplies in a row. I have a primer pictured but my Valspar spray paint works just fine without it.

Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing our own children. What a statement to frame Grandma. Seriously, June? I love this frame and wanted to add it to my gallery wall. So spray paint it is.

+ Step 1: Wipe down your frame. Give it a good cleaning. You want it clean before you spray paint it.

+ Step 2: I painted the frame with two coats of white spray paint (no primer). Let it dry in between each coat. Next, tape off your section you want gold. Go for polka dots or a skinny line that runs the length of the frame.

+ Step 3: Ooooo. Ahhhh. Gold spray paint magic.

+ Step 4: Let it dry then put in your best photo. Or one of Rusty and I. Whichever works.

+ Step 5: Be amazed at your work. :)

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