December 3, 2013

Apple Orchard North Carolina Engagement Session

Brittany and Josh. This couple is downright charming y'all. From the gorgeous location of their engagement session to the American flag pin (any Scandal fans out there?), these two are so dynamic in front of the camera.

Just scrolling through these images and hearing their story (video at the end), this couple is in it forever and their marriage will be a blessing forever. As Josh slow dances with Brittany he says, "Marriage to us is going to be everything. From the fights to those special moments alone once the kids are in bed. Everything that we want to accomplish is unwritten. It is a book that is yet to be finished but we have a chance to write each chapter from this moment on."

Melt. I literally cried and melted at the same time. Holy tears. Josh, you are poetic.

A big thank you to Silver Feather Studios for sharing this sweet duo with us! More on the proposal below too!

{From the photographer}
On the first day of every season, Brittany and Josh would go to beautiful Wrightsville Beach and take a photograph of the sunset from their very favorite location. Last September, on the very first day of fall, Josh had a little more up his sleeve than a photograph. That morning he threw her off his trail by asking her when she wanted to get engaged, knowing full well that her answer wouldn't change his plans for that very evening. After a bike ride to their spot on the beach, amid the crashing waves and the sand dunes, Josh looked at Brittany, and told her that he never wanted to spend another season without her.

And more about this sweet couple:

{Vendors} Photographer: Silver Feather Studios // Location: Granddad's Apples // Submission: Two Bright Lights


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Katie! Brittany and I are truly blessed to have found each other, but we're also thankful for our parents, friends, and mentors who shaped us into the individuals we became. I'm looking forward to all the moments we'll share as a couple. We hope to have the chance to stop by now and again to let you know how things are going in North Carolina.

    There are, of course, two other people who deserve all the credit for making our story "come to life" through pictures and video. Ariana and Brian. WOW! What an outstanding team. Their passion for getting the perfect shot and asking the right questions were spot on. I have told Ariana and Brian that I'm looking forward to watching their company grow and evolve. The sky is limit for them and they'll be among the industry leaders in our opinion.

    Again, thank you for making our day feel special all over again. I don't think the smiles will ever go away. What makes it more powerful and meaningful is that someone else enjoyed it too! So, thank you Katie!

    Joshua McKinney
    Twitter: @McKinneyNews14
    Instagram: JLM211wx

    Brittany McKinney

    1. I love your perspective! So glad to share a genuine and kind couple :)

      P.s. I started in news before blogging and teaching Journalism. So neat to see your career choice :)


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