December 2, 2013

December Goals

I live for these posts. I love these posts. They keep me honest. But this month I am keeping things very simple. I was half tempted to go with one goal but of course, I just couldn't.

December is my month. I just cannot explain the way I feel about December. My family all has birthdays this month. I get two weeks off with R. I get to snuggle deep under the covers. I take cover snuggling serious. I get to volunteer. I get to be involved. I know every month could be this way and I hope it stays that way but my stars December. I love you December. Love, Katie.

First let's look at November goals:
  • {Finish the entry way} 80%: I still need a little piece of furniture and a mirror. Holding out until I find the ones I love.
  • {Schedule the move of our stuff to our new home + prepare for our stuff} 100%: This weekend y'all! We get our stuff this weekend.
  • {Order Christmas cards} 0%: I cannot pull the trigger. I know...lame.
  • {Accomplish a majority of my Christmas shopping} 100%: A majority is done. I have a few DIY gifts that I am making this year but will make them closer to Christmas.
  • {Spend the entire five days I get for Thanksgiving break resting} 100%: Oh magic. Oh heavens. Oh good. I read 3 books this break. 3 y'all. And they were so good!
  • {Spend one night by the fire in our new home} 100%: I recently spent the evening reading by the fire. It was fabulous.
  • {Keep running} Ha%
Now for December:
{Unpack our new house}
I have to say that R may be more excited about this one than me. And I am okay with that. We get all our goodies that have been packed up in storage for 7 months now. I am so excited to make this house our home!

{Get up the tree}
As of right now, our Christmas tree is in storage. Our moving company is delivering it this weekend. Now to get it up.

I am still on that running ragged thing and cannot seem to get off the ride. And I don't even like the ride. I need rest. I need more time. I am missing out on things. I need to not whine but change it...for good.

{Plan one date night in for R}
Remember last month when I wanted to learn how to work the fireplace in our home? Well I did it. Now I want to plan a fun night in front of the fire for Rusty and I. I am thinking a picnic in. Yes, this makes the goal list because the poor man rarely sees me between teaching, grad school and house stuff.

{Go watch our local Christmas parade}
I love this time of year and the fact that my small town has a Christmas parade. Dinner out, Christmas music, hot chocolate and a parade.

What is on your to-do list? Prepare a holiday dinner? Spend time with family? Find the perfect tree? This is a warm fuzzy month. Make all your wishes come true friends.

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  1. You forgot "See your best friend". Go ahead, add it to #1.


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