November 8, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 118

+ Hey there Friday. How are you? Warm I hope. I loved waking up to chilly air outside today. I cracked my bathroom window will I was getting ready to enjoy the air. It smells so good. It feels so good. It is refreshing. It is crisp. I thrive in cold weather. I am so glad that Fall is here. Fall, you are so pretty. Love, Katie

+ I C-A-N-N-O-T wait to sleep in tomorrow. Yes, sleeping in means about 8 a.m. in my world but it is such a lovely thought. I also plan on drinking two cups of coffee. Well, really the point is making time for two cups of coffee. I am so excited! (<---current sign of adulthood)

+ The picture up above is of the house Rusty and I currently live in and will be purchasing soon. I wish I had a more recent image with all the pretty leaves on the ground. I am hoping to spend Saturday tackling some of the home projects on my November goals list. Oh, and more on the house to come.

+ Can I just add that I am so glad that it is fuzzy sock weather? So glad!

+ I am craving Chinese food. Date night it is! I love date nights with Rusty. Good conversation with the man I love is so good for my soul.

+ This week:
+ Now for a little love song. I am in love with Boyce Avenue's version of Fast Cars. It fits my mood. It makes me happy. It is subtle. It is raw. It is Friday. Happy day friends. I hope your weekend is magical and I really mean that. And I cannot wait to see you next week. I am already looking forward to having you back.

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