November 6, 2013

November Goals

Let's be honest. I don't think I even looked at October goals after I published this post. I feel like my plate is too full. I am needing a slow down.

A big slow down.

And it will come. I am thankful for what it happening right now. Even with a full plate. The blessings are there. The happiness is too. Yes, some days I have to work to find the happy but others it just seeps out and makes me a big pile of mush. I don't think I have ever trusted God with so much in my life as I do right this moment. My now job and one day career (where they meet), a dear family member who is fighting for their life, the servant heart I am being brave enough to pray for. It is all there.

One thing that warms my heart is this time of year. I get to eat a lot of soup. I know that doesn't excite many but it makes me giddy. It is the time people are starting to spend more time with those they love. It is the time that Christmas decorations start making there way into store front windows. The pretty music plays. Goodness, there is so much around to say a silent thank you for. So much friends.

Now for last month's goals:

  • {Start a new book} 100%: I have started it but not finished. Between teaching and grad school, I feel lucky to get 10 pages in a week. I always fall asleep reading.
  • {Celebrate our wedding anniversary} 100%: We treated ourselves to a little drive and a very yummy dinner. Good wine, goat cheese overload (it was crazy good!) and the best company. Three years of marriage. I am a lucky gal.
  • {Make soup in the crock pot} 100%: I made chili
  • {Remove wallpaper and paint our entry}

So for this month...

{Finish the entry way}
I haven't shared much in that R and I are buying my childhood home. My grandparents are on the move and we are so excited to take the opportunity to purchase this lovely Southern home. While we will not get a majority of our stuff in storage from the moving company until December, I want to finish the entry way. We can check one room off the list. This home is covered in wallpaper. Wallpaper everything. My favorite may be the wallpaper light switch covers. It takes work y'all.

{Schedule the move of our stuff to our new home + prepare for our stuff}
Get moved in. I miss my things. Mostly, my warm winter wardrobe.

{Order Christmas cards}
The card store recently sent me a coupon for 50% off my order. I used them last year for the first time and loved their products and results. The card looks so good. I highly recommend them. You can see our card from last year here.

{Accomplish a majority of my Christmas shopping} 
Yeah, we will see how this one goes.

{Spend the entire five days I get for Thanksgiving break resting} 
It is so easy to start making plans for Thanksgiving but I get five days and I plan to rest, rest, rest, rest. Lots of resting and potatoes.

{Spend one night by the fire in our new home}
I want to learn how to work this fireplace. Surely I can talk Rusty into it. The nights are starting to get chilly. A night by the fire is in the works.

{Keep running}
I was off to such a good routine but got sick. I loved the stress reliever. I have narrowed down my two ways of relieving stress, running and a hot bath. I need both. I have the bath part covered. Running, here I come.

So that is that. Happy November friends!

Image via Green Wedding Shoes by Lara Hotz Photography

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