September 26, 2013

Q & A: Hair Care

This is a picture of my hair. Just kidding. At times I wish my hair behaved this well.

God blessed me with so much curly hair! For years I fought back against my hair by straightening it day in and day out. My senior year of college I started wearing it curly due to having to be at my job (I babysat the best boys) by 7 a.m. This was so early for me in my college days especially the last summer before I graduated. I gave in to the curls and I haven't looked back.

I love my curly hair and wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so glad that I have embraced my hair. It has taken me years to get to this point. Even writing it seems crazy to me.

Although I love my curly hair, I have struggled with how to cut it, style it, what products to use and so on. There should be a weekend conference on how to style curly hair. In a non humid location. Boo humidity. I have tried all sorts of products and have come to a winner. Leave in conditioner is a saint. I also do not blow dry my hair. It looks crazy, frizzy and gets very dry. I was my hair every third night and then apply a tiny dab of leave in conditioner. I sleep on it and then style by touching up a few curls in the morning. The conditioner leaves my hair extra soft and manageable. I am currently using Neutrogena's leave in conditioner. It is not my favorite but I have a rule that if I buy it, I use it until it is gone. It helps me from not cluttering my up my bathroom. Less is more anyway!

The whole point of this post though is to give you a recap on my going shampoo less. Yeah, this summer I totally kicked shampoo and conditioner out of my life for good. It costs about $10 a year now for my "shampoo". I kid you not. $10 big smackers. That is it. I follow this recipe and love it! I cannot say enough good things about going shampoo less.

I take baking soda + water and mix it with water to create my shampoo. I then do the same process with apple cider vinegar to create my conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and not weighed down. That is the best part. It has life again. My color also lasts longer and that helps me save even more money. I have a lot of gray and I still haven't convinced myself that it is time to go silver.

When I get in the shower I get my hair wet then apply the shampoo. It does not lather so it took a bit of time to get use to. I rinse that out and then apply the conditioner. I leave it on for about 2 minutes. Once I rinse out the conditioner, I comb out my curls in the shower. The conditioner also works as a great detangler. My only suggestion with the conditioner is to make sure you wash it out well. It can make hair a bit greasy if you do not.

My hair has never looked better. I mean it and hair really isn't my thing. If nothing else, the cost is a big added bonus. Think going shampoo less is for you?

Image via Style Me Pretty


  1. I use Moroccan oil for my conditioner - works great!

    1. Would this work for an after product for my curls?

  2. I am totally trying this! Thanks, Love!


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