September 27, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 113


The day of magic and also Homecoming at the high school I teach at. The kids are ready. I am so excited to see students play, dance, cheer, sing and toot their horn tonight. I love this time of year. And to top off our weekend I am hosting a little brunch tomorrow morning. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day accompanied with a glass of champagne. It is only fitting. Right?

What is on your agenda this weekend? I hope it includes sunshine and football or whatever melts your butter. A butter melting weekend. Because that isn't odd at all.

//////////////Lovely Week Recap\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Thursday: Q & A: Hair Care

//////////////Link Love\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
The cutest DIY donut balloons on Studio DIY. Donuts never tire. In balloon or eatable form.

Homemade teddy grahams? My life is complete now. Seriously.

I laughed out loud this entire article. I am thankful for best friends that fit this list. Especially the wardrobe part. Man I miss my best friends wardrobes from the good ol' college days.

I won't let you down. I will not give you up. Oh, George Michael. Freedom just makes you dance. It is the cherry on top of the come on weekend, get here sundae. So much imagery today. You are welcome.

Image via Kat Skye Photography


  1. I can not get the image of you cheering in the cafeteria at Bogg Springs Camp at like 3 am. Hope you're loving school. Have a great weekend, friend.

    1. I still got it girl. I still got it ;)


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