August 1, 2013

August Goals

Can we all just take a moment to come up for air? You know what I mean. I have decided that today starts a major reset. I am stomping on and punching the reset button in a big way. I am changing my ways.

You know, I think of myself as a happy gal. Really, I love this life I am living. So why let little things trip me up? Why stress? No really, I am asking you. Why?

More on this subject below. And then never again...

If you want to visit my July goals then go for it. If clicking to another post just isn't your thing, lucky you. I have a little recap below. And let's be honest, I didn't do good. No excuses but I did get a new job plus started school. Crazy how that consumes your life? I mean I don't even have time for the Real Housewives anymore but I hear that is okay considering Theresa is facing 39 fraud charges. Come on Tre!
  • {Spend one day watching tv} 0%: This one upsets me most. I need a Katie day. I was offered a wonderful new job and that has taken over. I honestly haven't turned on a tv in over a month. I just don't have time for it. Maybe that is a sign that this goal isn't really that important to me anymore...or maybe I just refuse to slow down.
  • {Workout 5 days a week} 75%: Major improvement! Hooray! Sound the trumpets! I am getting into a routine. Oddly enough that new job gets me going every morning. I have big plans up my sleeve for this goal. I just need time to write down my game plan.
  • {Make a new recipe} 100%: I made a delicious white bean vegetarian chili. It was so good! I was throwing in new things, making a big mess and happy being in the kitchen.
  • {Pick fresh fruit} 0%: I know. But I did eat a lot of fresh fruit. That has to count for something? Between my parents fig tree and the peach farm in Louisiana, I have eaten my fair share of fresh fruit.
  • {Send some snail mail} 100%: This was so fun to do and I am doing it again this month. I like this one and hey, I actually did it.
So what do I plan to tackle this month? Oh boy.

{Meal plan my little tush off}
Meal planning not only keeps me on track with what I eat but it just makes life easier. It also helps with that grocery bill. With school just around the corner and being back to a full time schedule, meal planning will keep me sane. And full.

{Keep working out every morning}
We are currently in the process of checking out a new gym. The idea of yoga in the afternoons and a swim in the morning excites me. While we haven't signed up yet, I still plan on keeping up with my yoga and running at home. Did I mention how hot it is in the afternoons? That is why morning workouts always win with me.

{Pick my clothes out at night}
I have to not look like I am 12 years old. That is a big deal in high school world. Don't blend in. Don't blend in. I just wish I understood my curly hair at that age.

{Read one book that isn't school related}
This one may be the most challenging. I mean I don't even know where to start. Suggestions?

{Hit the reset button and don't look back}
If nothing else gets accomplished, this one will. Here is the deal. My plate is full. Overflowing actually but whose isn't. It is full and in the best way. I am currently studying for a very, very important test (my job relies on it), starting to teach students, going to grad school at night and creating a stop them in their tracks yearbook. I am cranky. And tired. And annoying.

Tired of my whining yet? I know. This blog is typically colorful tulle and glitter but my attitude hasn't matched that. Yes, I am happy. Yes, I am loving what I do but why in the world do I let it stress me? That is why the change is happening today. I am taking time to slow down. I am making better decisions with my time. I am drinking that extra glass of water. I am running one more mile. I am putting on lipstick. I am doing what makes my heartbeat.

I am resetting, recharging, redoing. I am making it the most of what I have to offer. I am thrilled for what is to come but stress just hinders that. It is time to reset...starting now...

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  1. Can I reset with you? It sounds AWESOME!! : ) Are you a Nora Roberts fan? Because I have some great non-school or work related titles if you are : ) I love that you made a big mess and were happy in the kitchen. I know you're busy but let's catch up soon!! Our emails always make my heart smile : ) And you should know that you inspire me!! xoxo

    1. Go for it girl! I am okay with Nora. I haven't read any of her books in a long time? Does she have a good serious? You know...something to really distract me? :)

      Thank you for being such a good friend! I would be lost without you boo :)

  2. I know you think you are whining, but I know how well you are handling all of this! You are doing great and I know you will continue on that path. It's good to be challenged and it will be well worth it! Love you, Aunt Katie!

    1. You are the best. I really appreciate it coming from you because you have done it all!

      P.s. You are having a baby this month.


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