July 11, 2013

My Birthday Wish List

It is about that time y'all! Time to celebrate another year of growing older. While I am not sure my feelings on turning 26 yet, I am sure about my birthday wish list. I have been bookmarking things I love and may even be emailing this post to my husband. I do what I can. :)

1. I have been wanting the Fitbit Flex Bracelet for so long! I have been reminding Rusty every chance I get that I want this gem of a bracelet. It keeps up with your exercise, heart rate, calories burned and even wakes you with a little vibration. I want the orange/coral one.

2. I need a good tote. Um surprise.... I recently accepted a job as a high school journalism teacher and am also going back to get my Master's so I need a good tote. I love this canvas tote from Gap but I am really love this bag too especially the $25 price tag on it.

3. You know you are getting older when you ask for a blender for your birthday. Our blender is packed away in storage right now and it doesn't work very well anyway. It is not worth combing through all our belongings to find it. I have done a lot of research on the right blender for me. Call me crazy but I want it to be affordable and function properly. This Oster blender would be great for smoothies and has great reviews!

4. I love this Loft Top. Love it! It is perfect for summer and when the temperature drops I can just throw a cardigan over it. Really anything from Loft will make my birthday perfect.

5. I have heard wonderful things about Donald Miller's A Thousand Years Book. While my reading will be mostly school related books, I would make time for this book.

What is on your birthday list? I cannot wait to celebrate with a relaxing day and a good dinner. And even if I don't get a single thing on this list, I am thankful. Life is busy but so good. Happy Thursday!

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