July 25, 2013

30 Things I am Thankful For in July

I have taken a few notes of some bloggers posting things they are thankful for. You know, some days my cup runs over while other days I can be tired and moody. What better way to celebrate this beautiful life than ways that I am thankful. And I got to make a list so...well you know how much I love a good list.

I wouldn't mind if you played along too.

1. Ally MacBeal on Netflix. I seriously am in love with Ally. We are long lost sisters. I don't have time for t.v. anymore but an episode of Ally, of course.

2. My new job. It is exhausting, a little overwhelming but I like the students I have met already. I cannot wait to see how everything goes when school starts.

3. Roadside fruit stands.

4. Our family condo on the lake. I could spend days locked up inside that place or on the lake.

5. Morning workout sessions.

6. My niece turned one today and her party is this weekend. I am so excited!

7. House plants.

8. A girls weekend with my Mommy at said condo above.

9. My morning devotion time.

10. Homemade strawberry figs and salsa and green beans and spinach leaves and chips. My Dad makes it all.

11. A good cup of coffee in the morning.

12. Friends having babies.

13. A hot bath.

14. Dinner parties with friends.

15. A good glass of wine.

16. A husband that loves his job and scratches my back at night.

17. Summer and....

18. Sunshine.

19. Grad school. Yes, I am only three weeks in but I really like it. It is very thought provoking which is my kind of schooling.

20. Friends moving back to Arkansas.

21. Pool time and cute, over sized floppy hats at pool time.

22. Fireworks that carried over a few days after the 4th.

23. A good documentary.

24. A good wedding. A good wedding in that it takes your breath away due to the couple being so happy and the decor being so fab.

25. Good birthday parties. Oh, and my birthday next week.

26. A husband that funds my back to school clothes shopping.

27. Quiet time to read blogs. I wish I could create a job that included me getting paid to read various blogs. My blogroll love list is miles long and I like it that way.

28. The fact that I get to decorate a classroom. It excites me!

29. Dinner at my parents house. To be honest I was really worried about moving home but so far I really like. Having my family so close is a big blessing.

30. An extremely faithful God. And his new mercies every day.

Image via Style Me Pretty by KT Merry Photography


  1. I love this list. You have motivated me to create one of my own. On the days that you are feeling blue, I'm sure one look at this list will change everything immediately.

    - Jess


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