July 26, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 106

You know I like it here. I truly feel encouraged by you all every day. I am happy for this space. The space where I get to share my heart and life and hopefully goodness and encouragement. I still don't know all that God has panned for me but one gift he gave me is encouragement. I stand beside that and even on the worst days it pulls me through. Encouragement.

It is Friday. Did I just see you do a happy dance behind the computer screen? Oh girl, I like your moves.

Monday: Flower Crown + Blue Vintage Buick Tennessee Engagement Session
Tuesday: Yellow Flowers & Peplum Dress = Intimate California Wedding
Wednesday: Guest Post on Kiss My Tulle
Thursday: 30 Things I am Thankful for In July

Well to keep with your idea of dancing, Don Henley has graciously agreed to put on his absolute best performance of All She Wants to Do is Dance for you. And by performance I mean Grroveshark. :)

Just thank me later.

Image via Ashley Kirner Photography / Original post here

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