June 18, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

Welp, the baby bug has hit the Farrin household. Hold on Mom. Don't go buying baby stuff yet. We are itching for a baby or rather I am itching for a baby. The thought of a little Rusty excites me. It is not the right time yet my timing is usually 100% wrong. Regardless, we are not on the baby train just yet. We have adult like things we want to do first i.e. bigger financial nest egg, a few more selfish non baby things, a house for us, pay off debt. I know it is lame but we do.

So while having a baby is not on the summer agenda and it is a lot of what I think about these days (poor Rusty), I decided to make a summer bucket list. A list of lovely things to do and try during this increasingly hot summer days and nights.

{Host a cookout}
I want to have matching napkins and fresh flowers and yummy side dishes. I want lights up above and good music and good conversation. This may be my favorite to-do of summer.

{Leave my phone off for an entire weekend at the lake}
Simple and needed. Have I mentioned my love/hate relationship with social media? I have a few lake weekends planned. This will be a challenge but I know I will love it.

{New tattoo}
My mother will really have a fit over this one but I am wanting a new tattoo and to update the one I already have a bit. I have been itching for a new one. A simple hand drawn heart will do.

{Put together a summer reading list}
I have been researching a few books and I love when people post their favorite reads on Instagram. I am currently reading a Elin Hilderbrand book and The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. I love staying up a little later each night if I have a good book.

{Attend a wedding}
I can actually cross this one off the list since I started this post a few weeks ago but this past weekend I attended a gorgeous Southern wedding. The reception included a Southern plantation home, a delicious dessert bar with homemade banana pudding and good wine. It was such a fun wedding! Hopefully I can go to another one this summer.

{Go on a hike}
This one has already been crossed off but I am throwing it back on. This past week I hiked through the Ozark Mountains with my family. It was so fun! I want to wake up early and have a sunrise hike. I am thinking I can convince my husband into doing this with me.

{Pick back up running. Eeeep. All together eeeep}
I need too. I need running. It just does something that no other workout does. Can y'all push me on this? Thought so. :)

{Go on a mini road trip}
I don't care where or what for. I just want to get in the car and go. Sunshine will need to be included and good music.

{New haircut}
It is time for something new ladies. I need suggestions and ideas. I am loving my ombre look that I have right now (due to not getting my roots done) but I need a new cut. My hair is starting to grow but I kind of want to go short again. What to do?

{Bake a homemade pie}
Apple? Blackberry? Peach? I may go grab some fresh figs from my parents tree in their backyard. I just want to make something homemade and yummy!

What are your plans for this summer? Do you have a vacation planned? Share your to-do's for the summer. Let's inspire one another!

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