June 20, 2013

From One Past Bride to A Planning Bride

Lately I have been thinking about what it means to be getting married. For some, you are finally getting a chance to try on wedding gowns. For some, it means finally not being a bridesmaid and getting your own special day. For some, it means stress.

I feel like so many emotions come with weddings. Happy tears on your wedding day. Exhausted tears a few days out from your wedding day. Emotions galore y'all.

I thought I would write a letter. Nothing revolutionary but a simple letter for a bride to cling to during her wedding planning, late nights of DIY decor, cake testing, venue picking, honeymoon selection.

Dear Beautiful Planning Bride,

This is it. You are actually making plans for your unique wedding day. You are making arrangements to vow your life and love to one person for the rest of your life. You are creating your own fairytale.

You are special. I am sure you have heard that but you truly are. No matter when or where in the world, your wedding day will be one of a kind. Whether you opt for a small ceremony on the beach or a large church wedding, your wedding day is beyond special and meaningful.

No matter whether you use peonies or roses, you are doing a good job. You are enough. Your wedding will be beautiful and although it seems overwhelming now, it will all be worth it. Soon it won't matter about the custom calligraphy you chose and all that will matter is that you are walking down the isle to your one true love. It is going to happen come rain or shine. Make the most of it. Take this time to celebrate your love for one another, your happiness, your health, the roof over your head. These moments leading up to your wedding will never come around again so make it count. Make every moment count.

It is coming. You will change your name or maybe not. You are a bride. A unique, lovely, sweet, caring bride. It is all about your love. And when your wedding day comes, if things are done, no one will notice. Relax, smile and know that you all things work for God's good!

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