January 21, 2013

DIY Winter Wedding in Colorado

If I could take my husband anywhere in the world it would be Colorado. A few years back I got to try my hand at skiing and spend a week in the mountains. It was absolutely magical! Ever since then I have a goal of teaching my husband how to snow ski. We do not do organized activities very well together. He says he is not interested but I know he says that because I would be better. I am totally okay with that! We are not competitive at all. (Rolls eyes.)

Regardless of the fact that I am a better snow skier than my husband, visiting Colorado made a big mark on my heart. From shopping in little antique shops, riding to the top of the mountain, drinking cocoa by the fire, the place took my breath away. You can imagine my loud shriek when I got a Colorado wedding submission and the best part is it is a winter wedding. Pine cones, birch tree centerpieces, lots of DIY details and the winter sunshine make this wedding unique and lovely. Thank you to Root Photography for this perfect Monday submission!

{From the bride}
We met online on Match.com. Our first date was dinner and a movie, Four Christmases, and on our second date he brought me the DVD Step Brothers, since "it wouldn't die like flowers." That is when I knew he was the one. Country Chic is the wedding feel I was going for. I was on a budget but wanted rich fall colors and love the outdoor mountain-y feel. I tried to put that all together and I think I pulled it off! :) We had our first dance outside by ourselves where the guests could see through the window. It was special for us and since we don't like being the center of attention. It was perfect. My best friends were the photographers, so I got to have my day even more special knowing that people with love and care were documenting our day. That day for me truly could not have been any more perfect. The best day of my life thus far!

{Vendors} Photographer: Root Photography / Reception Venue: Boettcher Mansion /Submission: Two Bright Lights


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my beautiful friend!! :)

    1. Thank you for the submission! Your work is wonderful :)

  2. What a lovely winter wedding with a tonne of sweet details. Cute ring shot!

  3. Love all those little details and the pinecones. Her dress is gorgeous, too.


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