June 10, 2013

Classic + Lovely Gray Florida Church Wedding

Sometimes it is hard to start a Monday. You typically have a wonderful weekend. You eat good food. You stay up late. You enjoy a belly laugh or two. You put your face in the sun. Monday's don't bring all those things but they do bring newness in a different way. We are starting a new chapter today and I couldn't be more excited and totally freaked out. We are back in my hometown and I just sent R off to his first day at his new job. My husband is wearing dress clothes and he is incredibly good looking. Besides his gingham black and white tie, this is all new. Sometimes I wish I could throw back the curtain and peek into our future but what fun would that be? It would save me a few gray hairs, of course. I am just happy to be where I am at. These are my Monday morning thoughts. So let's get to the good stuff. Shall we?

A classic and simple wedding speaks volumes and Sari and Mark did things just right. From the soft palette of gray and white, this gorgeous couple built a wedding that will never go out of style. This couple is just crazy for each other and their happiness is contagious. Mark is one dapper groom and I adore his bow tie, tux and confidence while Sari's Spanish style veil makes me sigh from goodness. A big thank you to Tonya Beaver Photography for sharing this special day!

{From the photographer}
Sari and Mark have a love story romance, and their wedding day was just as perfect. From the very first time I met Sari, I knew she was something special. Full of joy and tender heart. Their engagement session was the first time I met Mark. The interaction between these two are what most people dream of having. Nothing is taken too serious, life is good, and laughter is front and center. To say my time with them has been fun is an understatement.

The girls and I went to take some photos. As we were headed to leave I watched Sari walk into some gorgeous lighting. I think those are my favorite shots of the day. The light through the veil is amazing! The ceremony was perfection and filled with lots of tears of joy. I love that we caught Mark giving Sari a wink during the ceremony.

The reception was SO much fun. Sari is a ballroom dancer so she knows how to dance really well. Actually a lot of her guests did so it was pretty fun to see them all dancing.

{Vendors} Photographer: Tonya Beaver Photography / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bari Jay / Hair Stylist: Blonde Glam Hair / DJ: DJ Thundercat / Makeup Artist: Jill Stonier Professional Makeup Artist / Floral Designer:Kelley's Bloom Room / Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero / Submission: Two Bright Lights

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