June 7, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 103

Guys it is that glorious day again. Hey Friday. I have been counting down the days until this weekend. I am so excited to be spending an afternoon with my best friend who is expecting her first baby in August. In college, there was a little group of us gals who were all real close. We all graduated, got married, moved across the U.S. and are all entering different stages of life. I am elated to celebrate the baby stage! Bring one the onesies, baby books, maternity tank tops and the baby choo's.

We are also moving this weekend. R starts his new job on Monday and to celebrate we are loading up our favorite people and going to the lake. The lake for me equals oversized hats, my new lobster shorts and sleeping in the sun. I need this break. I have 100% stressed myself out with moving and I just don't know why. It will all get done. No reason to worry but I have. I need sun y'all. Lots of fun and sun!

///Lovebird Time Y'all\\\
Monday: Pink and Cotton South Carolina Wedding
Tuesday: June Goals
Wednesday: Sweet and Soft Around Town Virginia Engagement Session
Thursday: Q&A: My Worst First Dates Ever Plus Tips on How To Have An Awesome First Date (<---longest title ever)

There really isn't an explanation to this song. It speaks for its self. It is one of those good tunes, warm fuzzies, windows down kind of song. Queen's Somebody to Love is a favorite. I hope you have a great weekend y'all and I will see your pretty face on Monday!

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