April 4, 2013

What I Have Learned in Texas, Part Two

{Jane doing what she loves most and enjoying the Texas sunshine}

Today is my last day in Texas. I am sad to be leaving this town and dear friends but I am also so excited for the future. On Friday I asked you all to say a little prayer for me and your prayers worked like a charm. I recently was offered a job with a Chiropractic Clinic doing social media, health blogging and helping around the office. I am beyond excited y'all! This office believes in a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. While it will be a full time gig, I promise Lovebird Productions is not going anywhere. I am really fond of weddings, relationships and you.

You may remember this little post here about what I have learned in Texas since moving here in May of 2011. I thought to celebrate today that another What I Learned in Texas post was a must.

{Hands down the best wedding venues}
Give me a big Southern plantation home any day but the Texas Hill Country is a true gem. Every location I have had the joy of filming at stops me in my tracks. I love the views, wildflowers and the rustic bones of each venue.

{Garages are not for parking}
A garage can be storage, a fourth room, a man cave...just not a garage. It is so weird to me.

{Everyone in Texas loves Texas}
This may be a duh statement but it is so true. You ask anyone born and raised in this state and they have nothing but wonderful things to say. This may cause me some grief but I love the pride people have in this state and I get why. It is like no other!

{New Braunfels is the happiest town ever}
Ever. No doubt about it.

{The sun is always shining}
The past two days it has been raining and it throws me off. I am going to have some major adjusting to the rainy seasons in Arkansas. The sun is always out here and that is one thing I am going to miss terribly. My house plants love Texas sunshine almost as much as me. (When you make a reference to your house plants in a post it means you are not very exciting and an old soul.)

I learned so much about my life when I moved to Texas. I moved to the country without a job or a car (we are a one car family). I turned 25. I really started a business. I became a vegetarian. I connected with so many talented vendors. I filmed 10 weddings in the Texas hills. I made sweet friends. I learned what Texas summers means. I floated the river. I hiked a few trails. I learned that waking up before the sun is the best time of day. The biggest thing I learned is that I control my happiness and future dreams.

When I moved to Texas, I had never lived outside of Arkansas (other than two years in Chicago). I was always surrounded by family and friends in Arkansas. I was never left to think things through on my own. I learned SO much about myself and my marriage in this great state. Being removed from my day to day life in Arkansas was exactly what I needed. I have been able to make and dream bigger dreams. I have been pushed way outside my comfort zone. I have failed at times and succeed. Rusty and I have learned what it means to truly count on just each other. We have taken our communication and marriage to a new level. He is such a blessing!

I wanted to post a million pictures of our time here but I thought I would hit some of the highlights.

{I got to see Lovebird Productions in print plus blog for New Braunfels Bride.}

 {Of course you have to visit the Alamo. I visited it about 4 times since we lived here and I love downtown San Antonio. It is fast paced and fun!}

{I have been able to work with amazing vendors who make headshots, styled shoots and anniversary sessions look awesome! I have chatted with some of the best in the wedding industry. I have made a very dear blogger friend just a few miles away plus worked with vendors on site for weddings. I am so lucky y'all! Image via Melisa Urban Photography}

{I lived in the country with animals all around me. I also cooked in a kitchen with bright orange counter tops. I never thought Rusty and I would live in the country and it was such a wonderful experience. It was full of animals, breathtaking sunsets (almost every night), peacocks, miniature donkeys, lamb, cows, horses, garage band practices, llamas, cactus and a few Jane dog escaping adventures.}

 {We went to a Missions games...}

 {..and visited Cowboy Stadium...}

 {and went to a Ranger's game full of sunshine, margaritas and large burritos!}

 {We attended Wurstfest and consumed sausage (for Rusty) and German beer (both of us).}

{We have traveled into caves and zip lined in the Texas hills!}

{We built a home. I still cannot get over this...at all.}

{I ran my first half marathon in honor of my Mom. It was so challenging and worth every second of it.}

{We made friends who are one of a kind and a constant amount of needed sunshine. We also thank the Lord for the forever impact they have made on our lives.}

{I have conquered many weddings. Survived my one and only bridezilla (true stuff). I also made the decision to put videography on hold and focus on this blog and well life. Image via Erin Homann Photography}

 {We ate more Mexican food than we knew what to do with on the Riverwalk.}

Texas has been good to us. Very good. While I know only good lies ahead of us in Arkansas, I will miss this state. What a glorious two years we have celebrated here and I cannot wait to tell our one day baby Farrin about our time in San Antonio. Until next time Texas :)


  1. Love this post - I'm from Texas and it's making me homesick!


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